D ‘ N ‘ A

  • AKM work number
  • Written by:
    Leonhard Waltersdorfer

Player 1:

  • Vibraphone & Marimba

Player 2:

  • 2 Sansulas
  • HAPI/RAV Drum
  • Crotales/Glockenspiel
  • various percussion instruments

D ‘ N ‘ A was written as a duet for the ensemble Duo Waltersdorfer (Niki & Leonhard Waltersdorfer). The title on one side refers to the interval (d-a) which opens and ends the piece and can be seen as a (DNA-)string holding the piece together. On the other hand it is also a reference to the same DNA the two brothers are sharing.

In 2019 a solo version of this piece was published in the collection 3 Pieces on 2 Instruments for 1 Player.