3 Pieces on 2 Instruments for 1 Player

Vibraphone & Marimba for 1 Player


  • Written by:
    Leonhard Waltersdorfer

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This publication contains three seperate compositions for vibraphone & marimba (1 player), written by Leonhard Waltersdorfer. Each of the compositions can be played on its own.

  1. Rain Chain
  2. Children’s Song
  3. D ‘ N ‘ A


These three compositions are special because the performer plays the vibraphone and the marimba at the same time. The vibraphone should be placed at a 90° angle to the marimba.

“Rain Chain” and “D ‘ N ‘ A” contain free improvisation sections. While written-out improvisations are included after these pieces, the performer is encouraged to experiment and create his or her own solos.

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